Who really are these 90’s Kids..

Few years ago a sensational thing started going viral all around the country, which is known as 90’s Kids. Who really are these 90’s Kids. And what is the real special about the kids (not kids at present). An infant born in later 80’s and grown up in 90’s are the real hallmarked kids of 90’s. These kids were born in a crucial time line of the universe.

Yes the year 1995 is known as the starting and tech era. These 90’s kids started their teen age at the very same year. They didn’t have a facebook, but they had an Orkut. They didn’t have a messenger, but they had a yahoo chat room. Started asking ASL please in yahoo chat rooms where the first chat language which is not known by the kids of these days.

A biggest generation gap has been found in these 90’s kids. Yes they faced everything. They enjoyed the Mother Nature along with the Y2K. They don’t have a mall, but they enjoyed every moment of all the festivals. They don’t have a whatsapp group, but assembled at everyday evening to play in groups.

These kids don’t have a PUBG, but they have got the Contra. They don’t have a play station, but they had a hand video game. What they experienced is true face of the technology. They gained health through true nature. They jogged to schools in rainy days. Beat the sun at the summer days. They drank the tap water and never fell ill.

Frankly speaking 90’s kids are one of the strongest human being of all time. 90’s kids are the smartest kids without a smart phone. They had the fresh food without a supermarket. They enjoyed the weekends without a mall or a multiplex. They communicated faster without cell phones. And top of all they are the last generation, who inhaled the purest air

They all things make those kids unique and stronger, the golden periods that the 90’s kids had will never come back. So all HAIL THE 90’s Kids.

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