“Turkmenistan”… One of the Countries with LEAST VISITORS

Tourism is considered as one of the main income of the country, and not only money the tourism gives away the real wealth of a country. Often many countries give away special offers for the visitors to visit their country. Each and every single country around the globe really focuses in tourism.

But, some countries doesn’t look like that they are so good at tourism, they don’t get visitors often, and each the government doesn’t care about that too. And in this blog we are see about a country which attracts least visitors to it every year.

Turkmenistan, it is a Central Asian Country which is bordered by the Caspian Sea and mostly covered by the Karakum Desert. It is well known for its archeological ruins. This country is in the list of countries which have the least amount tourists ranging from 500 to 10,000 peoples for a year.

Now you people may think that may be Turkmenistan doesn’t have much attractions and that is why it is not attracting so much tourists a year. But it is wrong.

The City of White Marble: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
The City of White Marble: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan holds a Guinness world record for more 1000 building in a very small area which is built in imported white marble stones, which is rarely found in earth. And in one of those buildings a big Globe is created and particularly in that globe the map of Turkmenistan is made completely by gold.


Yes, Turkmenistan is one of the richest countries in the world. It is well for its high natural gas content. In fact Turkmenistan is one of the richest natural gas wealth countries in the world.

The world famous Darvasa Gas Crater widely known as “DOOR TO HELL” is situated in this country and this is considered as the main tourist attraction of this country. And approved by the Guinness World record Turkmenistan has the world largest in-door Ferris wheel in the world.

So you may wonder, why with so many things it still not attracting much tourists. The reason is Turkmenistan is under the rule of Dictators. The former dictator of the country made a law that no Black Cars. So you can see only white cars in the roads. Often the road looks empty without peoples. Only in the evening you may see some peoples hanging around.

The reason for this is that the law in this country has more restrictions for the citizens, amazing 92 percent of the citizens are employed to the government.

Former dictator had a law that bans parties, light music’s and circus. Next thing, visiting this country is not that much easy. You can only visit this country in a group organized visit, with spending more than 1000 dollars per person just for 4 days.

Many weird things like these make this country as the 7th least visited country in the world.

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