The top 6 most expensive cars in the world

Speaking about transportation cars are the most commonly used instruments, in today’s modern world a huge number car companies are producing their cars and selling it in market. But still few cars are seems to be legendary like they won’t even advertise their cars.

In today’s blog we are going to see the world 6 most expensive cars and the brand they belong to.

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren is a well known car company, who produces both family oriented cars and Race oriented cars. And McLaren P1 GTR is one of their costliest cars they have ever produced. This car costs around 3.4 Million US Dollars which got released in August 2014, which can top at 349 kilometers per hour.

This is also rated as the less number of produced vehicles in McLaren; just 45 units are manufactures so far. And surprising everyone cannot buy this P1 GTR; becoming a race car those who already bought the road version of this P1 GTR can only buy this Race version of McLaren P1 GTR.

And the price of 3.4 Million dollars accompanies the training and free consultation for McLaren racing simulator and to participate in 6 international racing competitions.

Lamborghini VENENO

The bull logo Lamborghini Company is started by producing tractors in early 60s, and now they are one of the top car manufactures and competitors with many more top rated car brands.

Talking about Lamborghini VENENO, it’s a limited edition vehicle designed and released in 2013. Amazingly only 5 copies of this beast have been manufactured and 3 copies of them are sold even before the release. This Lamborghini costs around 4 million US Dollars.

The complete body is made of carbon fiber; this car has been named after the famous fighting bull VENENO and this car can top at 355 kilometer per hour. And this car is rated as the world’s most costly car at 2013 and this was also made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of LAMBORGHINI.

Buggatti DIVO

Amazing you could buy few apartments and houses for the price of this Buggatti Divo, because a DIVO costs around 5.7 Million US Dollars. This car was first released in 2018, and this car is powdered amazingly by a full turbine 8 liter W16 engine.

And this is the upgraded version of its younger version Buggatti Chiron, and can top up to 380 kilometers per hour. Until now after a year of release, only 40 cars we manufactured.


Maybach is considered one of the famous and costly cars in the world, and EXELERO is one of its kinds. Hence this car costs around 8 Million US Dollars. Being the state of the art the interiors of this beauty is made of natural leather, aluminum and polished carbon fiber.

This car designed for two persons with a 6 liter V12 engine, and this can go from 0 to 100 in just 4.4 seconds and max up to 341 kilometers per hour.

Rolls-Royce Sweptail

Charles Rolls and Henry Royce combined their business together in 1904 and started a car company named Rolls-Royce. Hence being one of the oldest cars manufactures in the world, Rolls Royce owns some royal heritage to it, owing a Rolls Royce is not an easy job. And speaking of Sweptail it is a custom made car for one of its client.

That unknown guy seems to be collecting yachts and cars, and he needed as high speed yacht looking car and also a Rolls Royce have look of its early 30s. Hence Rolls Royce got him a 13 Million US Dollar worth Sweptail, and yes it is a SINGLE COPY CAR. And this car has the largest aluminum grill in its front which never used in any of the Rolls Royce.


Each and every year the car enthusiasts eagerly wait for the Geneva international motor show. And this year 2019 as usual Buggati surprised everyone with its latest Buggati LA VOITURE NOIRE with a price tag of 18 Million US Dollar, and the only problem is even with this kind of money it is no longer possible to buy this car.

The Buggati LA VOITURE NOIRE is produced in SINGLE COPY and Sold immediately and the buyer remains anonyms. And recently Buggati announced that the car have been sold to a passionate buggati lover.

The bugatti 57 s(c) atlantic introduced in 1938 is the inspiration for this model. Salome Buggati the son of the owner of the company who a very talented designer, designed this car. And translating from French the LA VOITURE NOIRE stands for BLACK CAR.

And that’s it folks, meet you all soon in another Blog

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