Top Five Countries that Indian’s can visit Without a Visa

Talking about a vacation all the countries in the world is interested in seeking tourists. Each and every country has their own policies, rules and regulations for the tourists for visiting their country. To attract more tourists some of the countries provide On Arrival Visa, Visa for free of cost and many other policies.

Today in this Blog we are going explore the top 5 countries that provide free visa for Indians to visit their country round the clock. So let’s begin and find whether these countries are affordable for a budget traveler.

Country No : 1 – Serbia

Serbia is a Central and Southeast European Country with Belgrade as its capital. And Serbia is the only country that allows Indians without a visa. Just book a ticket and get dropped at Serbia and you will get a 30 days free visit. But is Serbia is good for a budget traveler, according to my research ‘NO’, Serbia is not a best country visit for a budget traveler. Beyond that Serbia has huge number of things to offer for a tourist.

1 INR equals 1.48 Serbian Dinar, Serbia filled with historical places, wildlife and much more. The best months to visit Serbia are March to May and September and October. The living cost doubles when compared to India. Talking about cheap flights, Lufthansa and Etihad Airways are considered as the best. And an average round trip costs 60,000 to 70,000 INR.

Country No : 2 – Qatar

Qatar is one of the Middle East countries, which offers free on arrival visa for Indians. There are two best countries to visit in the Middle East, one is UAE (Dubai) and the next is Qatar. And obviously only Qatar provides the 30 days free Visa on arrival for Indians.

Best time to visit Qatar is from November to April. And cheap and best airways to fly from India to Qatar are Indigo and Qatar Airways. Like experiencing in UAE you can also enjoy and experience in Qatar, but really not much. But visiting a Middle East country without a visa will be a good experience. 1 Qatari Rial equals to 20 INR.

Country No : 3 – Bali (Indonesia)

Bali is an island situated in Indonesia, and one of the beautiful countries in the world. If you nature and beaches then Bali can be considered as a heaven. Bali gives 30 days free visa on arrival for Indians at free of cost.

Air Asia from India is the preferred Airways to travel to Bali. An average round trip in flight costs you 25,000 to 30,000 INR. The flight travel is around 10 hours and all the flights fly through Malaysia from India. June to August will be the best time travelling to Bali. Daily expenses and the cost of living will be the same as experienced in India, even 1 INR equals to 196 Indonesian Rupiah.

Country No : 4 – Nepal

Nepal, a country which can be visited anytime by Indians round the clock. Indians can visit Nepal as many times they need. No visa or even a passport is not needed to visit Nepal from India.

Just by having a valid driving license Indians can visit Nepal through flights or even by road, Indians can even start business in Nepal and buy properties. September to December is the best time to visit Nepal.

Nepal has a lot to offer likely a green rich nature and wild life. Cost of living in Nepal is same as India, and 1 INR equals to 1.6 Nepalese Rupee. Some travelers say that even Indian Rupees are accepted in Nepal. But as of my experience I suggest to convert the INR to Nepal Rupee before your travel.

Indigo and Air Asia is the preferred airways to fly from India. A round trip cost around 15,000 to 20,000 from Chennai. If you are flying from Chennai, the travel time will be around 7 including a layover in Delhi.

Country No : 5 – Mauritius

Mauritius is an East African country, which offers 60 days of free on arrival visa for Indian passport holders. You can just book a round trip to Mauritius and get stamped with a free visa at the Mauritius airport.

Starting from May to December you can travel at anytime to Mauritius to experience its rich beaches and nature. And I prefer not to visit during January to March as Mauritius has a good rainfall and even cyclones.

The living cost will be three times when compared to India, and 1 Mauritius Rupee equals to 2 INR. Air Mauritius is the best airways to visit Mauritius from India. The air fare will be around 45,000 to 50,000.

Other than beaches, Mauritius got a lot more to offer. Adventure trips, beach activities and natural sceneries are found rich in Mauritius. Speaking for budget travelers, Mauritius is really costly. Travelers of all kind like Solo travelers, family vacation and honey moon couples can visit Mauritius.

At this point, I wrap up this blog and meet you soon in another blog with lot more information until then stay tuned to empire pages.

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