Top 10 Creepiest Animals that Exist on Earth

Creepy, the word that always make us feel afraid, and today in this blog we are going to see a few of the top 10 animals that looks and acts creepy. With no further delays let’s dig in.

1. Gulper Eel

Gulper Eel

Gulper Eel is obviously from the Eel family, but really with a terrifying look. These kinds of Eels live in darkest depth of the ocean likely 10,000 feet deep in the water. Because of its bigger mouth it can even swallow a prey bigger than its size. Very fewer details very recorded about these kinds of Eel, because half of our ocean not yet explored. According to scientists these Eels look alike an Alien.

2. Basking Shark

Basking Shark

The word Shark itself a creepy one, but these Basking sharks creeps us to the next level. Basking Shark is the second largest fish in the world; mouths of these sharks are really big and have 100 tiny teeth’s per row. Even they are big the only satisfying thing is these kinds of sharks are naturally calm and really not much harmful towards human.

3. Satanic Leaf – tailed Gecko

Satanic Leaf – Tailed Gecko

Few kinds of Lizards are known as Gecko, and the satanic leaf-tailed gecko is one of its kinds. The vibrant color of this gecko makes them look creepy. Satanic leaf-tailed Gecko almost feed on anything they encounter. Starting from cockroaches to small mice. These camouflage geckos are good at hunting. They are widely seen in Madagascar.

4. Frilled Shark

Frilled Shark

Frilled sharks are also known as the living fossils, because the ancestors of these sharks are dates back to 80 million years. These sharks are barely encountered alive. They live in dark deeps of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. As these sharks in the dark deep of the oceans, they aren’t harmful to humans.

5. HoneyPot Ant

Honeypot Ant

Honey pot ant is type of an Ant, which its own live body as a storage, which they later use to feed their fellow ants. In some parts of the world like Australia these ants are considered as a delicacy. These ants are found very deep in the wild. Their abdomen can reach the size of a grape. Fights between ant colonies are found to loot these ants because they are highly nutritious.

6. The Lamprey

The Lamprey

Lamprey is one of the few jawless fish in the world, which never forgets to creep and terrify those who encounter them. These fish are well-known for boring into the flesh of the other fish to suck their blood. Parasitic lampreys feed on their preys by attaching their mouth part to the prey’s body. And use their teeth to cut through the surface tissues until they reach the blood and body fluid. These are one of the living blood sucking machines.

7. Trogloraptor Spider

Trogloraptor Spider

These un-explained creatures are commonly known as the cave robbers. These spiders are mostly seen only inside the caves. Scientists have no idea of what they eat and how they hunt. Only few peoples have encountered these creatures. The only thing known is that these spiders spend most of their life time in the caves.

8. Lobster Moth Caterpillar

Lobster Moth Caterpillar

These are some naturally uniquely designed creatures, if these Lobster Moth caterpillars need to defend themselves in the wild they just spreads its front leg and arches its head and possibly spraying formic acid, and that’s how they moths safeguard themselves. Even when as a caterpillar and after transforming as a moth, these creatures are really not harmful to humans.

9. The Wolf Fish

The Wolf Fish

This is absolutely a terrifying and creepy looking fish. It is also known as the devil fish, these are found bit harmful to humans when encountered by them. These fish produce an anti freeze element inside their body to survive in very cold waters.

10. The Giant Isopod

The Giant Isopod

These are really a creepy thing that lives on the earth. These isopods are found deep in the ocean. They really grow very large in size. These isopods looks exactly like some bugs, but really in a bigger size. Few peoples youtubers have did a special story on them and one of them is given below as a youtube link…

The Giant Isopod Video

Sure we will be back with more Top 10 things soon in the future blogs. Hence stay tuned to Empire Pages.

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