The WARNING given by STEPHEN HAWKING for the Mankind

Stephen Hawking, a well known English theoretical physicist born in 1942. He is considered as one of the lived legend, because recently a year back he passed away. He also acted as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge from 1979 to 2009.

Being a differently able person, hawking was the first man to set out a theory of cosmology explained by a Union of the General theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

And he often talks about the A.I (Artificial Intelligence) and in his recent interview to BBC before his death, hawking warned the mankind to stay alert to the Artificial Intelligence.

Few years back news equipment was fitted to Stephen, which can provide him to project his thinking as faster as it could, while answering the questions to BBC.

He quoted the following “The primitive forms of a Artificial Intelligence that we have already have proved very useful, but I think the development of full artificial intelligence spell the end of the human race, once human developed the artificial intelligence it will take off on evolve of its own and human being who evolves at a slow rate of time cannot compete them”.

Stephen Hawking

Not only Stephen many of the scientists have warned about the development of computer and the artificial intelligence which is over growing the human’s race day by day. Because even we are the superior being the A.I can overcome and they can evolve super faster than us. And that is the warning for the human race given by the great scientist Stephen Hawking.

Stephen hawking as quoted that “If a superior alien civilization sent a message saying, we will arrive in a few decades, would we just reply, Ok, give a call when you reach, we will leave the lights ON, probably NOT. But that is more or less what happening with the A.I” so there Hawking throwing an alarm, that if lots of things are happening with the A.I and that could be the end of the human race.

Even Elon Musk who is a very famous technology entrepreneur and investor recently tweeted stating “Worth reading the Super intelligence by the Bostrom.

Elon Musk

We need to be super careful with the A.I. Potentially more dangerous than Nukes”. Peoples around the world, who are marked as the greatest scientist and engineering have quoted that the Artificial Intelligence which is keep growing everyday, could cost us more.

And are we really should be aware with these great mans words. Else shall we take it as nothing, because we think that the overall technology is completely in control within our hands? All those are given to your opinion. Please do comment your facts and thinking about this A.I issues.

Is human race is fading because of the development and evolution of the Artificial Intelligence

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