Is a vacation to Vietnam is really cheap?

In this Blog we are going to explore about an elegant and a beautiful culture rich place. And it is name as “VIETNAM”. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country, known for its culture and spiritual Buddhist pagodas. Come on lets backpack to Vietnam. Vietnam is surrounded with numerous airports, but three main airports mainly used by the tourists.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Hanoi and Da Nang are the three main airports of Vietnam. The Currency used in Vietnam is VND. One US Dollar is equals to 23,280 VND. And One Indian Rupee is equals to 325 VND. Hence if you earn your salary in dollars and its sure Vietnam is one of the best and cheapest destinations to visit.

OK let’s explore, Saigon which is now known is as Ho Cho Minh City is the main tourist attraction in Vietnam. There are numerous of flights flying around India to Vietnam around the clock.,, is always the best way to book cheap flights, and a midnight flight in a Week day is the best of all. The flight fare costs around 20k for an up and down journey.

As of for Indians, Vietnam allows an on visa on arrival but I always prefer and suggest you guys to book an E-Visa through online. is the official website given by the Vietnamese government and even you can book their taxi service in the above mentioned link. The E-Visa costs 25 USD per person for 30 days (Single Entry). Once getting done with the E-Visa, you can book a flight and fly to Ho Chi Minh City and start enjoying the vibrant country.

Please make sure that you have booked you stayed well in advance.,,, is few of the best sites where you can book your stays cheaper and safer. August to December is the best time to visit Vietnam, and you can book cheaper stays by this time. I always suggest booking a dormitory with a breakfast free stay, which leads you to enjoy the stay and gives you a chance to interact with different peoples from various parts of the world.

Vietnam has a ton to offer you, ancient Buddhist pagodas, buzzing night markets, spiritual and old cathedrals and a never ending mouth watering and exotic street foods. Vietnam is a heaven for people with vibrant taste buds. One trip is a tour company which is present all over Vietnam and these really offer a huge number of day tours and food tours in excellent packages. is the official site of one trip tours. You may find a huge number of tour packages under this website.

While taking about food in Vietnam, they just eat everything they see except the Homo sapiens. You-tubers and vloggers like Mark Wiens and Sunny Side have done tons of videos about the vibrant food in Vietnam. Few of their videos are here for you reference walk around and enjoy the food.

Dragon floating temple
Dragon floating temple

Dragon floating temple, water puppet show, Cu Chi Tunnels and Bitexco Financial Towers are few of the places where you explore around in the day time. You can either explore by your own or even you can book a tour to these above mentioned places in, you can find a huge number of tour packages here.

Ben Thanh Market is one of the biggest indoor markets in Vietnam which is situated 10 kms away from the Ho Chi Minh Cities District 1, where you can buy almost anything. You can reach this market easily through cads around you. So if you are a king or queen of bargaining this Ben Thanh market is yours. And beware when you see a shop with a blue sign, that is a shop owned by the government and there is no bargaining only fixed price.

Floating Markets in Thailand

Floating markets is one of the best tourist attraction found in Vietnam, you can hire a boat and take a tour in shores and buy something while floating. Malaysian Street is one of the buzzing street food corners near to Saigon. This entire area is flooded with various kinds of street foods. So sharp your taste buds and enter the street food heaven and enjoy.

And taking about Hanoi, it is the best place for night owls. Yes Hanoi has the best of the nightlife and partying. Cheap beers, PUBs and colorful buildings are flooded all over the Hanoi. So enjoy the view and chill with the spots. And finally Vietnam will not upset you when it comes to beach. Yes Vietnam has a lot to offer for the beach lovers.

Ho Tram beach, Mui Ne Beach, Vung Tau are few of the beaches which is present very near to the Ho Chi Minh City with the gorgeous views. Tons of shacks are available at the shores of the beach. Where you can book a stay and relax at the sandy beaches. Never forget to have tender coconut while relaxing at the sandy beaches.

How to get prepared for Vietnam

  • As is said before, Indians can book a E-Visa through online else you can go for a Visa on Arrival
  • Always carry the photo copies of below mentioned items
    • E-Visa
    • Your identity card
    • Hotel Booking
  • Taking about money, 1 INR equals 325 VND. Hence if you exchange a cash of 10,000 INR gives you 3,243,818 VND. Which looks like a lot of money but beware that a 100gms of Coffee powder costs you 200K VND (600 INR).
  • And while you are in Vietnam please not that they have prize tag in a different way. For example if it is printed as 100.000 VND. Please be sure that it is not 100 VND, it is actually 1,00,000 VND which equals to 300 INR.

So plan your way, Enjoy at the stay..

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