Interesting facts about the lost city of Atlantis

The city of Atlantis is one of the fascinating of all historical mysteries. Stories about the disappearance of this legendary island city have an echoed down the centuries since it was written down by the Greek philosopher Plato, over 2000 years ago.

But the drowned city of Atlantis is just a myth or it is a legend based on the civilization that really exist and why so many of us are keen to believe in it. So if Atlantic does exist where is it now? How can such big civilization, could disappear in hours.

Atlantis is a mystical island and one of the oldest, wealthiest and modern civilizations that dated back to 11,000 years. Greek philosopher Plato is the first man to write about this mystery island 2000 years ago, he mentioned that the Atlantis has disappeared into the seas due to some nature calamities. But really a civilization with such a big land space and modern technology could disappear in natural calamities within hours.

Many researches and scientists claim that this city is destroyed because of a huge volcanic eruption which is equal to 40 times of an atomic explosion, and some say that a huge flood or a Tsunami took the entire civilization under the water 11,000 years ago.

For the past 300 years all the great researchers were searching for the evidence and the remains of the lost city of Atlantis. And in this blog we see the interesting facts and theories that lie on this big island city.

What’s the size of Atlantis?

Talking about the size of this island city, the only answer we have is that no modern science have ever found that. Only with the writing of Plato the scientists and researches tells the size of the massive city.

In Plato’s writing he mentioned that this Atlantis is as big as the combination of Libya and Asia. Many people who believe that Atlantis lies somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea say that the Atlantis is as big as Crete which is the largest island of Greece.

But the only valid information about the size of this island city is just the writings of the philosopher Plato. And even some people and researches say that the city is quite often described as the giant city and it is as large as Eurasia.

How Atlantis is built?

According to the legend, Atlantis The lost City which is so modern and huge was built by Poseidon the god of the sea, storms and earthquakes. The God Poseidon himself built this city because he fall in love with the woman named Cleito who is a mortal human being and god Poseidon built this city on top of a hill in Island.

It is also believe that Poseidon travelled all over the world to find the biggest island ever and when he found this exact island which is very huge and filled with beautiful and intelligent people. After Poseidon seeing such a place and fell in love with a mortal Cleito and made the city as Atlantis.

How rich the Atlantis was?

The legends say that Atlantis built by Poseidon for his lovable wife was one of its kinds. They have mentioned that Atlantis had a massive statue of Poseidon himself made of pure gold which tells the wealth of the city which existed 11,000 years ago. Demi-gods who are otherwise known as half god’s half humans inhabited the city in the land of Atlantis.

The city was so beautiful and fertile, the city also had an irrigation system which is quite advanced and even ahead of our modern day science, it was well maintained too. Speaking about the architecture in the Atlantis city was exemplary.

Most of the buildings were built using black and red stones and even precious stones and metals were used to built the buildings, the people and the civilization have also used the rarest of metals and alloys such as brass and they also have used crystals extensively for various purposes.

Does aliens built the Atlantis?

We the modern day human beings always have an excuse that, which we cannot find can be named as an alien. Likely some researched say that this lost city of Atlantis was also built by the Alien who came from earth from the Lyrian Star System.

The Aliens people came from the particular star system who looked fair and tall inhabited the earth for around 55,000 thousand years, and those alien peoples can live up to 800 years.

And these peoples from the different dimension made an island by using all their technology to build such a charming and mighty big civilization and they were known as the Demi-gods of earth. Some say that this lost city was also existed in the planet Mars which is the neighboring planet of our earth.

And people came from mars build that city in earth and those peoples who came from Mars had the power of controlling the weather, modifying the volcanic eruptions and also could channel energy from time to space. But all these theory’s were found and written just as an assumption.

Does Atlantis really exist?

Plato a man who is known for his writings that was realistic and practical, the thing which he returns about this lost city of Atlantis must be true. And that is the belief of the researchers.

An explorer who travels a lot claimed that a massive volcanic eruption which took part in the place on the island of Santorini in Greece and that could took this Atlantis down to water.

However none of these explanations has been proved or accepted yet. And the mystery about the Atlantis the LOST WORLD Reminds Mystery for the past 11,000 years.

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