How To Treat Your Dry Skin

Skin, the largest organ contained by our bodies is also the most prone to harm, being exposed to all types of elements, from dry wind to violent sun rays that damage our epidermis unremittingly. Therefore, dry skin is a problem that occurs either seasonally or tends to be permanent.

Even though for the temporary dry skin we have numberless effective solutions, the latter one tends to stick around. Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with dry skin:

Apply oil. From vegetable to peanut, oil is definitely a smart choice when it comes to moisturizing your skin. Olive oil, however, is prone to bring the best results, yet you have to be patient. Only after months of daily application you will be able to see clear, smooth results.

Use rough salt, sugar or oatmeal once a week to exfoliate the dead cells that tend to pile up while you are in the shower, but be gentle on sensitive parts such as the neck or your thigh.

Hot water damages the oils that your skin needs in order to moisturize itself naturally. By taking short, warm baths or showers you manage to save a small yet essential part of them. Even though hot showers are relaxing and you doubtlessly enjoy them, I am sure your skin would appreciate the effort.

Furthermore, after the bath, never, ever forget to apply a moisturizer. Make sure you keep it in your bathroom so it is within reach as soon as you get out of the tub, because this is the most favorable time due to the fact that now it is more likely to be thoroughly absorbed.

A few suggestions would be The Body Shop Body Lotion, Bath & Body Works Purely Silk Body Lotion, St. Ives Instant Relief Collagen Elastin Formula Lotion or even Johnsons Baby Oil will work.

Avoid harsh soaps. Make sure the label says it is appropriate for all types of skin, including dry.

Weekly masks either with papaya and mango, milk or olive oil, or simply a mashed banana would do wonders with your complexion!

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