How to Back pack a Budget Trip to Sri Lanka..?

While talking about going on a vacation, we always love to have a vacation in abroad, and we will fill with joy when we going to enjoy the vacation in a fixed budget manner. So in this blog we are going to backpack for the nature rich and one of the ancient most countries of the world. Yes it is none other than the beautiful Sri Lanka.

Let’s start our blog with sweet message from Sri Lankan government. That peoples holding passport of 20 countries mentioned below in the given link are treated with a free ETA up to 31.01.2020. is the official website provided by the government of Sri Lanka for booking an E-Visa, which is so much mandatory for visiting Sri Lanka. As of my personal experience I just got my E-Visa within 24hrs. Fill online form transfer money online and that’s it.

The online visa costs around 20 USD for 30 days single entry. As said a valid passport holder of 20 different countries mentioned in the above mentioned link will be getting a free E-Visa up to 31.01.2020. Talking about money Sri Lankan Rupee is the national Currency used around, and you can also use USD in some restaurants and hotels you stay.

Colombo International Airport is the major airport operated in Sri Lanka, a huge selection flights are running around the clock from all the major airports of India. A cheapest air ticket will cost around 8K to 9K for up and down journey to Sri Lanka will booked well in advance and I always suggest, for the cheapest flight booking.

Once after booking your flights and getting the E-Visa please make sure that you book your stays well in advance I suggest and for booking a cheap and safe stay.

Please make you book your stay well connected to the strong current beaches and some sightseeing spots. Then come on let’s explore the Coconut rich and lizard filled land of beauty.

Sri Lanka is a land of spiritual culture; the land is the mix of religious sights and mainly focusing on Buddhism. Turtles, mountains, strong current beaches, coconuts, mouth watering foods and Sri Lanka never stop its list of entertaining you.

Before heading to Sri Lanka please make sure the place and the direction which you going to visit. I suggest you to explore the Modernized City Capital Colombo and Nature rich southwest part of Sri Lanka.

Once you get landed in Colombo airport finish the immigration and once you step out you find a few SIM card vendors, and my personal favorite while am in Sri Lanka in Dialog which offers you some decent plans for local calls and Internet Usage. is their official website; you can search it down for more details.

Once get done with the SIM card, come on let’s move out of the airport and start exploring. Once you step out of the airport at the very left corner you can find an air-conditioned buses waiting to drop you in the capital city Colombo.

The raid from airport to Colombo city centre costs around 110 LKR. Speaking of currency 1 Indian Rupee converts to 2.5 Sri Lankan Rupees. Yes Sri Lanka is one of the real cheap destinations for Indians to travel. The buses may charge an additional 1 person ticket for your luggage.

Once get dropped in the city centre the entire Sri Lanka can be accessed by trains. Yes Sri Lanka is one of the best cities which is well connected to all the places through train. is their official site for railways. I assure you that you can find the entire details with the exact train timings in the above mentioned site.

Chinese tech filled City Capital Colombo

Before getting in to exploring the sandy beaches and heritage filled old building please don’t forget to visit the Chinese tech filled City Capitol Colombo. The Trade centre, Dutch Hospital, Petta Market and the Galle Face beach is the must visit places in City Centre. Which is luckily can be explored by just walking around few kilometers.

If you are foodie and a sea food lover, get u stuck in the mouth watering Ministry of Crab which is presented in the Dutch Hospital Area. The Ministry of Crab specializes only in crab so you can Grab on Some Crabs.

Check out their items in, and just make a walk towards the Galle Face beach and just ask for the KING NANA shop where you can fill your tummy with the Sri Lanka special KHOTTU ROTTI.

Once you filled your tummy grab a bag and get some Tea powders, souvenirs and crackers from the take away at the legendary PETTA market or at the modernized super markets. As of my experience Arpico is one of the best super markets available in Sri Lanka.

Once getting done with the modern world of Sri Lanka get a train and travel to the favorite direction to enjoy the deep nature of Lanka. I suggest to go southwest which is less crowded and you come up some amazing sightseeing places. Bentota and Aluthagama is one of the nature rich places in southwest. Relax in the sandy beach.

And while you are in Bentota don’t forget to explore the nearby places by hiring a Tuk Tuk. Almost all the stays and hotels in Sri Lanka have their own Tuk Tuk. Who offers you the best price and take you the best places near you to chill out.

Tuk Tuk Sri Lanka

Making friends can be made easy in Sri Lanka. And an important note for you while travelling Sri Lanka. If you having a food a normal hotel you will be amazed by amount charged for you. I had full plate of rice with a Chicken curry, dhall and 2 more salads just for 70 LKR.

But while you eat in restaurants the same meal could cost you around 300 LKR. Because, as of my knowledge the restaurants charges 200 percent bill amount as a luxury tax.

If I am wrong, do correct me in comment section. And one more thing that you must be aware is please get some water bottles in the road side which you find much cheaper than getting the same bottle of water in restaurants.

And that’s it for today, book everything I advance and explore the mighty Sri Lanka. See you all in another Blog Soon.

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