Health Benefits of Lemon

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Originating in Southeast Asia, the fruit known as lime is the smallest fruit from the citrus family. Containing twice the juice a lemon does, it might actually have more health benefits as well, besides being one of the best preservatives, a great odor remover as far as onion and fish are concerned, plus a great ink remover.

Vitamin B, C, protein, calcium, iron and phosphorus are just a few of the nutritionally valuable substances contained in a lime. What we can draw from this is its numerous health benefits:

Obesity, a common problem nowadays, can be reduced with the help of the combination resulted from warm water, lime juice and honey first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

It has anti-viral properties, so drinking one part lime oil mixed with one part water can help you regain relief when fighting a disease, if you drink it regularly.

Lime juice and honey, combined with warm water are a great remedy for mild colds and caugh.

The vitamin C contained in lime as well as lemons and other fruits is a very important antioxidant, increasing the body’s capability to fight and prevent disease, by speeding up the healing process.

It is considered to be very efficient in treating digestive disorders. Constipation, for instance, can be cured by drinking a glass of warm water combined with some lime juice, first thing after you wake up.

Applied externally, on the skin, it can reduce body odor, cure dandruff and bruises and efficiently scrub the dead cells so that your skin regains softness.

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