Ellen DeGeneres the pride of LGBT Community

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community people are known as the LGBT community persons. Not only in India, most of the countries where against this cultures for the past few decades, and now the LGBT community persons are accepted all over the world, and still some countries treating them in a very bad way.

The third gender or having an affection towards the own gender where seen as very serious issue. But peoples nowadays came to know that all these things are just the chromosome things, a human is a human no matter what colour, race or gender they are. As is said before the LGBT community is not accepted as easy as we think. Many great peoples fought for their own rights.

A today this blog is about a LGBT community person, who really fought hard for her own rights. This wonder woman was born in Jan 26, 1958 in Louisiana, United States. She started her carrier as a stand-up comedian. She made everyone laugh. Be Kind to one another is her Manthra of her life.

At the age of 61, now she is a standup comedian, a writer, a producer and a show host. She runs her own show named The Ellen Show from 2003. She have a amazing of 35.3 million subscribers for her YouTube Channel that makes her one of the top 10 YouTubers in the world.

But that is nothing, she has hosted Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and the Primetime Emmys, As said before she is a writer and she wrote 4 different books. She owns her own record company named ElevenEleven and also she owns a production company named A Very Good Productions.

And she also holds a record for winning 30 Emmy Awards and 20 people’s choice award, which has never won by any around the globe. Her love for humans is out of box. She is donating and renewing may people’s life through her sweet soul.

Her love for animals is beyond the imagination. She recently started a research and protection centre for the mountain gorillas, which is getting extinct. As top of this entire thing she is the person who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the former US President Barack Obama himself.

Ellen DeGeneres receives America's highest civilian award from former President Barack Obama
Ellen DeGeneres receives America’s highest civilian award from former President Barack Obama

And also Ellen DeGeneres is the only person, who interviewed almost all the celebrities in Hollywood and politics in her own show. She interviewed Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, Jackie Chan, Dwayen Jhonson and lot more peoples have been interviewed and got scared in his own style.

The Ellen show Interview

This woman stood alone, made all dreams came true and stood up for the LGBT community. She is one of the main reasons for the LGBT community got accepted in many countries. She got married to her beloved Portia. And living as an example for true hard work and for the KIND HEART.


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