10 ways to live a healthy life

The ten commandments of cholesterol control are the basic steps any one can follow. Unless your cholesterol has gone through the roof, you’re better off taking time to think through your situation. You’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol.

Now what? It’s a perfectly valid question, the same on facing scores of Indians at the very moment, our doctor has probably recommended dietary changes, perhaps more exercise, may be even medication. But you know you can do more. You’re just not sure what, or when, or how.

The item commandments of cholesterol control are the basic steps any one can follow, no matter what their current cholesterol profile, to get the numbers they want. Some of the commandments may seem more important to you than others, depending on your current health status, you can return to the others later; at the very least, they’ll help you stay informed and inspired as you wage your own cholesterol war.

I know where you stand

Getting cholesterol checked on a regular basis is essential to your long-term good health. After all, high cholesterol has been linked to cardiovascular disease, the number one cause of death in western countries, In fact, according to research, people who have total cholesterol of 240 mg/DL (milligrams per decilitre) are twice as likely to experience a heart attack as people who have a cholesterol level of 200 mg/dL.

Learn all you can

Once you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol, your instinct may be to jump right into whatever treatment plan you doctor recommends. Unless your cholesterol has gone through the rood, you’re better off taking time to think through your situation and your treatment options.

Get rid of extra pounds

Research suggests that being overweight disrupts the normal metabolism o f dietary fat. So even thought you may be eating less fat, your may not see a difference in your cholesterol profile until you unload the excess pounds.

Lace up your walking shoes

Whether your goal is to lower your cholesterol shed some extra pounds, or both, regular exercise can help you get there. We’re not talking about high intensity workouts, either; thought boosting your intensity can elevate HDL cholesterol. Walking and other, more moderate physical activities are good for your heart, too.

Get acquainted with good fats

In general, cutting your dietary fat will lower cholesterol. But as with any rule this one has exceptions. Evidence suggests that eating more of some fats and less of others are better than simply cutting all fats.

Discover cholesterol cutting capacity

Vegetarians heave lower cholesterol levels and lower heart diseases rates than meat eaters, in part because vegetarians consume so much fibre, which is found exclusively in plant foods-fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans,

Take a good multi vitamin

Even if you’re getting more good fats, avoiding bad fats, and filling up of fibre, your diet may have some nutritional gaps. A multivitamin/mineral supplement can help cover your nutritional bases and possibly lower your risk for heart disease and stroke.

Explore your treatment options

When you were diagnosed with high cholesterol, you and your doctor probably discussed and appropriate course of treatment, it’s important that you continue to work with your doctor and inform him of any therapies that you decide to try on your own. The fact is, both conventional and alternative medicine have a range of cholesterol combating strategies available.

Find ways to short circuit stress

To win the cholesterol war, managing stress is as essential as eating healthful and exercising regularly. Stress and its companion emotions-tensions, anxiety, Anger, Depression reduce blood flow to the heart, raise blood pressure and elevate your heart rate.

10 Make a commitment

Several men and women manage to take charge of their cholesterol and achieve their ideal numbers. To win the cholesterol war, your must make that same commitment resolving to take care of yourself, to make necessary changes, to live healthful every day.

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