The Benefits of Swimming and Sunbathing

Out of numberless sports you can choose from, swimming seems to be one of the most popular. The reason why swimming is viewed as a leisure activity, rather than an excruciating type of workout is its availability (you don’t need much in order to swim besides a swimsuit, do you?) and its Houdini-like effect consisting in the fact that you don’t even realize how much effort you are putting into it! Consequently, exhaustion is delayed and a larger amount of calories is annihilated.

It is pretty rewarding, considering the fact that you strengthen various muscle groups at the same time, unlike exercising at the gym. Moreover, it can also be a fun group activity if you take part in races that will boost a bit of adrenalin in your system.

So, an average 140lbs woman can easily discard in a minute…

  • 6 calories if she swims leisurely
  • 8 calories if she sidestrokes
  • 12 calories if she does the butterfly stroke, due to its technical difficulty
  • …and a 180lbs man can burn every minute spent in the water
  • 8 calories while swimming leisurely
  • 11 calories every minute of sidestroke swimming
  • 15 calories by doing the butterfly stroke

Chiefly, swimming against the tides is by far more difficult, as battling the waves may cause rapid exhaustion. However, if you are not endowed with the physical strength and endurance in order to perform such a task, you could easily benefit from the curative potential that seawater has, simply by strolling on the beach.

However you put it, swimming and sea bathing are activities that should always be on your to-do list (at least during holidays) if you desire a healthy, toned body that will make everyone jealous, and, above all, make you feel good.

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