Are we still matching up with the Ancient Science?

Are we still matching up with the ancient science and technology? This questions often raisers when we came up to know about an ancient technology which is found where are there no rockets, satellites and many more modern types of equipment’s. When we search deep about the olden civilization and the technology used in those days it never fails us to keep amazed.

Now I would like to share some facts of an old technology which still confusing the modern day science. They call it as “Shiva Temples Aligned” speaking of old heritage buildings of India, our modern science never ever proved a single phenomenon till this day.

Starting from Uttarakhand to Rameshwaram in India, there are more than five different Shiva temples which are aligned in a straight line from top to bottom around 2838 kilometers.

  • Starting from Himalayas the
  • Kedarnath Temple – Uttarkhand
  • Kaleshwara Muktheeshwara Swamy Temple – Telangana
  • Srikalahasthi Temple – Andhra Pradesh (Air)
  • Ekambareswarar Temple – Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu) (Earth)
  • Jambukeswara Temple – Thiruvanaikaval (Tamil Nadu) (Water)
  • Natarajar Temple – Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu) (Space)
  • Arunachalesvara Temple (Annamalaiyar Temple) – Thiruvannamalai (Tamil Nadu) (Fire)
  • Ramanathasamy Temple – Rameshwaram (Tamil Nadu)

All these Shiva temples are individually indicates the signs of Water, Fire, Air, Space and Earth which is known as the “Panchabootham”. All these temples were build in different time line, different climatic conditions and different designs, but these entire temples where aligned up in a straight line. But these are aligned in a straight when there are no proper equipment’s to mark the longitude and latitude.

No satellites, no modern equipment’s, no modern technology, no high modernized laboratories. But somehow the old time Indians found a way to build these temples so perfectly.

Once a scholar said that the Mayans are considered to be the oldest and highly advanced people in technology, but the Mayans were learnt all those things from an Unnamed peoples who are known “Cloud Peoples”. Is Indians are the CLOUD PEOPLES. It’s still a Mystery.

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