A whole new different travel to Thailand

We, the younger generation is the folks who have the most hectic life in the world. And absolutely a hectic life leads to stress. And now talking about a stress buster, the first thing that comes to our mind is relaxing a couple of days where no one can stress us more, come let’s see how to get backpacked for a stress busting holiday. As of this article, we choose an unusual place in a usual vacation country “CHIANG MAI – Thailand”.

“Thailand” a land with everything, usually people loves the beautiful beaches and the unique foods available in Thailand. Thai cuisine is considered as one of the best foods in the world. But THAI has many more things to offer. Classic old building, breath taking mountains and the most lovable paddy fields.

In this article we see how to reach these divine and unusual places in Thailand, Chiang Mai the northern mountain region of Thailand. Which is not yet visited most, and which should be. Chiang Mai is situated 700kms north to Thailand. Regular Flights are available to reach Chiang Mai from all over India. The airport code of Chiang Mai is CNX., is few of the sites where you can book air tickets easier and cheaper, as always flights on week days has the cheaper fare.

Taking about VISA, an E-Visa or Visa on Arrival is must to enter Thailand, but as of now we Indians have great good news that the Thailand government has offered a free visa on arrival for Indians till April 2020. So this will sure save you a couple of bucks, usually an E-Visa or a VoA (Visa on Arrival) costs you 2000 Bhats. In case getting an E-Visa is the official website to get E-Visas.

Next thing that comes to our mind is getting a place to stay, as a backpacker I love to stay in dormitories where you can interact with tons of new peoples. Getting connected to the world is meant to be a good vacation. I would recommend for cheaper stays. If you are traveler with a big budget I recommended you book a resort with a paddy field around, and resorts in chiang mai offers a lot more activities.

PAI and MON JAM is a two different mountain destinations that is situated in Chiang Mai which offers you the real beauty of the country. You could rent a scooter and explore the views of the breath taking mountains. You may find tons of rental scooter companies around chiang mai, but as of my own experience I would recommend the to get a good and cheaper scooter. The price ranges from 250 THB per day to 2500 THB per Month. And please make sure that you got a scooter in a good condition.

In your vacation Reserve a Sunday for the buzzing Night Market of Chiang Mai which is you 11kms away from the airport. This night market is a place for the foodies and the people who love the crowded pathways. And the Nimman Road which is located at 12kms away from the airport is a busy street with a numerous college students. It is known as a best hangout spot for the young peoples, if you there don’t forget to visit the MAYA Mall.

Your trip to Chiang Mai won’t be fulfilled without tasting the KHAO SOI which is known as the most popular dish of northern Thailand. And please get noted that the northern thai food is more special and more unique than what we usually see and get in west of Thailand. And if you are a divine person chiang mai has lot to offer with many hill top temples.

And a special thing to do in chiang mai is having a cooking class. Yes learning the heritage cooking methods of northern thai culture is one of the life time opportunity. THAI AKHA Kitchen is one of the finest centres which offer the one day cooking class which costs around 1000 THB for 4 to 7 hours. is their official website. If you love cooking, you may give it a try.

If you want to make a food tour or a Vlog about food, then chian mai is the best for the northern thai cuisine. Many famous you tubers and vlogger’s have visited chiang mai. Especially the most famous smile faced man Mark weins has done a special video on chiang mai cuisines. You can see the video

How to get prepared

  • Starting with backpacking, always make sure that you travel with a minimum amount of luggage which makes you to travel with comfort.
  • As I mentioned before make sure you book your E-Visa in the official Thailand website, which gives you the exact fare without any surcharges.
  • Always carry the photo copies of your
    • E-Visa
    • Flight Tickets
    • Your Identity Card
    • Hotel Bookings
  • Always carry your recent photograph (45 X 35 mm) Height x Width
  • And you may barrow or have your pen for the immigration process
  • If u want to avoid standing the big line of peoples, don’t hesitate to web check your tickets, all the airlines have their web check-in sites and it can be done 24 hrs prior to your flight.
  • Always make sure to have the money as currency because swiping cards in Thailand will cost you more, and I recommend changing the money within India, before your travel.
  • Booking a mid night flight in a week day will cost you less.
  • And rather eating in a restaurant I highly recommend to eat the street foods which cost less and make you feel more local.
  • Chang is the local beer which is more common in Thailand.

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