10 Easy Steps to Freelance writing

Once the fundamentals are known, understood and accepted, freelance writing becomes a breeze. Getting published will no longer seem and insurmountable task. Rejections is notwithstanding.

If happy with your style and reliability quotient, editors – your hitherto perceived enemies could become your friends. In a one on one relationship, they could become the kind of intimate critic you could begin to rely on, even as they do, on you.

They have been known to suggest ways and means of improving pieces gently even while helping their favorite writers research a difficult subject. After all, you do need someone to point out your inadvertent mistakes before they hit the world. You also need to churn out stuff that will make the reader sit up and notice. And certainly only an editor who is favorably inclined will want to help you do that.

Their contacts could become your contacts. Their ideas are your vehicle to name and fame. To get to that stage of comfortable familiarity is what you have necessarily worked at. And that can only be achieved as has already been reiterated by writing and more writing, along with this continuous, hard, thick-hide networking. The two indispensable halves of a freelancer writer’s trade.

To slowly but surely climb the monetary charts here are, again, in a nutshell some monotonous but easy, yet definite musts.

  • Surf the net for new opportunities regularly. Print of otherwise.
  • Respond to as many postings as you can.
  • Send query letters on topics you think you could write on.
  • Choose a few editors and ask them if you could write for them/send them what you’ve got.
  • Start a dialogue with them. Create a relationship.
  • Enter as many contests as you can. They confidence you gain are tremendous.
  • Become an active list member. Use it as a sounding board.
  • Write for multiple sources. One or more will surely click.
  • Cultivate patience as you would your best friend.
  • Keep writing and keep sending! Till your masterpieces find a home.

Never lose heart. Rejections are a writer’s stepping stones to success.

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