The Unsolved Myths – The Top Three Time Travelers

Top Three Time Travelers

1. The Modern Man of 1941

During the reopening of the south fort bridge in British Colombia in 1941. A huge number of peoples gathered at that place and specific man was found too odd for that place, yes that guy was in a different look in all aspects from head to toe.

Modern Man of 1941

He had black coolers with a T-Shirt which is not started manufacturing in the year 1941, and also with a strange DSLR looking device in his hands. Few claim that maybe a sweater with inner shirts. However no one until now figured out what exactly that man is doing in that dress and what is that device that he has in his hands.

2. Guy predicted the Stock Market who came from 2056

In March 2003 the FBI arrested a 44 year old man named Andrew. Andrew has just enjoyed the luckiest run on the stock market in history, in the space of two weeks he turned an $800 investment into 350 million US dollars naturally this was called the eye of the authority. At the confession Andrew Carlssin said that he is time traveler from the year 2056. And by using the advance tech he could easily predict the stock market.

At first Andrews’s confession was not accepted by the authorities, they said that he is a lunatic or logical liar. The authorities said that the only way he could pull it off with an illegal in information from inside the stock market. But Andrew never gives up his sources he maintained that he travelled from the year 2056 and he done this with his knowledge of the future.

And he admitted that he made a tactical error, “I had planned to make it look natural you know lose a little here and there and so it didn’t look too perfect” but I just got caught in the moment.

He also said to the authorities, that he could say the cure for the Aids. And he never accepted to tell about the craft which he travelled. But amazing the FBI could not find any trace of evidence for the existence of Andrew before March 2002 and unknown person applied bail for him by giving 1 million US Dollar, later both went missing and never found again.

3. Women with a cell phone in the year 1928

On the premiere of the greatest Charlie chaplains movie “The Circus which is released in the year 1928, where shook the entire world. The movie has a scene that a women walking in the streets and talking to someone. But she is not talking to someone near her; instead she was talking to someone with the device that she holding in her hand.

Charlie Chaplin and the Time Traveler
Charlie Chaplin and the Time Traveler

Women dressed up in the trends of 1928, but holding to something and talking through that is really amazed many peoples and the video gone really viral in the internet.

Many claimed that she holding a hearing aid, but hearing is manufactured that big in those days. And few asks, if she is really from the future and holding a cell phone and talking to someone to the future, does she went to the past with a cell phone tower.

The video was unsolved until this day, because in 1928 there was nothing known as cell phone of that size is released.

Please let us know your comments about the reality of time travelling, could someone can really travel time. Do these above mentioned phenomena’s prove that really time travelers are existing? Do the future man visits us and the past humans often. All these things been a mystery for ages and still it is.

What do you think?

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