50+ important unknown facts about India

unknown facts about India

India has common borders with Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar. Pakistan forms the lengthiest continuous border of India.

  1. The National Emblem of India is an adaptation from the saranath lion capital of ashoka as preserved in the saranath museum.
  2. The words ‘satyameva jayate’from the mundaka Upanishad (meaning “truth alone triumphs”) are inscribed below the emblem in the devanagari script.
  3. the song jana -gana – mana composed by ravinadranath tagore is the national anthem of India. The song was first sung at the colcutta session of the Indian national congress on December 27, 1911.
  4. Vande mataram, composed by bankim Chandra chatterji, is the national song of India. It was first song at the 1896 session of the Indian national congress. The song is taken from the book ‘anantha math’.
  5. The national calendar of India is based on the Saka Era with chaitra and phalguna it’s first and last month. Saka era began in 78 AD at the time of king kanishka.
  6. The state with the lowest literacy rate is Bihar (38.48%) followed by Rajasthan (38.55%)
  7. The least densely populated state is Arunachal Pradesh (10 persons/ The least densely populated union territory is Andaman Nicobar (34 persons/
  8. Mumbai is the most populous city of India. It is followed by colcutta. Delhi and Chennai; Mumbai is also the 2nd most populous city in the world after Mexico City.
  9. The administrative control of the defence service is vested in the ministry of defence. The defence minister is responsible to parliament for all matters concerning the defence services.
  10. The coast guard organization was constituted in 1978 to protect maritime and other interests in the maritime zones of India.
  11. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) raised in 1969 provides industrial security to industrial undertakings owned by the government.
  12. The rapid action force (RAF) was formed to counter communal riots and the national security guards (NSF) was formed to counter extremism.
  13. Nishanth pilotless target aircraft developed by India and successfully test fired at chandipur. Orissa on 5.9.98.
  14. Prithi – surface – to – surface missile (range 250km) first missile to be inducted to Indian army.
  15. Thrishul – short range surface – to – air missile (range 9km) Test fired on 5.9.98 at Chandipur, Orissa.
  16. The highest gallantry awarded in India is the param Vir Chakra, while the highest civilian award is the bharat ratna.
  17. RDX (Research Department Explosive) is the name of an explosive.
  18. Indian space research started in 1961 under Dr. Vikram Sarabai. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was set up in 1969 with Bangalore as its headquarters; in 1972 the space Commission was established.
  19. SLV 3- India’s first satellite Launch Vehicle Launched Rohini Satelite, on july 18, 1980 from sriharikota. It was fabricated at vikram sarabhai space centre, Thiruvananthapuram.
  20. India’s first sounding rocket was launched from the thumba equatorial rocket launching station in 1963.
  21. India is the 14th nation in the world to have sent a man into space.
  22. Indira Gandhi Centre for atomic Research (IGCAE) was set up in 1957 at kalpakkam.
  23. India’s first underground nuclear explosion at pohkran in rajasthan (Thar Desert) on 18.5.1974 India became sixth nuclear power in the world.
  24. India’s second nuclear test was successfully carried out on May 11, 1998. 3 tests were conducted, and 2 tests were conducted on 12.5.98 among then one test nuclides hydrogen bomb.
  25. Thrishna – the fibreglass yacht which sailed around the world in 1985. This was the first expedition undertaken – by Insian sailors to circumnavigate Earth.
  26. India’s first heart transplant operation was carried out in the all India institute of medical science. New Delhi, by Dr.P.Venugopal in 1994.
  27. Indian Railways is Asia’s largest and the world’s fourth largest railway system. It is the biggest public sector undertaking and the largest single employer in India.
  28. In 1994, Indian Railway introduced the world’s first hospital on wheels called life Express (Jeevan Rekha) to provide medical and in rural areas. ‘Palace on wheels’ is the first private train in india.
  29. Himasager Express which runs between jammu and Kanyakumari passes through nine states. It is the longest train run in India (3726 km).
  30. The total length of the coast line of India is 7516. 5km, among the states Gujarat has the longest coast line tamilnadu’s coast line is 912 km.
  31. Mumbai is the biggest port, handling one – fifth of the total traffic of all the ports. It is a natural harbour.
  32. Cochin is a natural harbour, Cochin shipyard was built with Japanese help. Cochin port was built by Robert Bristo. In 1939 it was declared a major port.
  33. NAAI – National Airport Authority of India – was established in 1986. It is responsible for the management of domestic airports.
  34. There are five international airports in India: Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport at Palam ). Colcutta (Dum Dum), Mumbai (Sahar), Chennai (Meenambakkam) and Thiruvananthapuram.
  35. G.T Road (Grand Trunk Road) originally built by Shershah suri is India’s longest road. Now it runs from colcutta to amristar.
  36. N.H -47 is the longest national highway. It connects Varanasi with Kanyakumari.
  37. There are two main branches of Indian dance, namely classical and folk. Classical dances are these which are based on ancient dance disciplines and have rigid rules for presentation.
  38. Dadasaheb phalke, the producer of India’s first Indigenous feather film ‘Raja Harishandra’ (1913) is considered to be the father of Indian cinema.
  39. The name of the award given to male actors in India is the Bharat Award and the award given to actresses is the Urvasi Award.
  40. Satyajit Ray was the world renowned Indian director His first film was pather panjali. He won a special Oscar award.
  41. The first winner of the Dada sahed phalke award was devika ram roerich (1969). She is known as the ‘Lady if Indian Film’.
  42. Radio broadcasting started in India in 1927 with privately owned transmitters at Mumbai and Calcutta. It was named All India Radio (AIR) in 1963 and later became to be known as Akasvani since 1957.
  43. The experimental telecast of doordarshan started in Delhi in 1959. The national programme and other transmissions started in 1982. Doordarshan Commercial service started in 1986.
  44. The largest number of newspapers is published in the state of Uttar Pradesh and the language in which the maximum number of newspapers are published in Hindi.
  45. The Postal service – the first postal system in India was introduced in 1837. The Postal Department was established in 1854. Speed post was introduced in 1986.
  46. Hindus are the largest religious community in India. They are followed by Musilims and Christians.
  47. Uttar Pradesh accounts for the highest rural population in India which is it 17.3% of the total rural population of India.
  48. India’s first own fighter plane, L.C.A. (Light Combat Aircraft) rolled out of its hanger at Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) Bangalore.
  49. Ganga is the longest river in India. It is 2640 km long. Its source is Gangotri glacier and it drains into the Bay of Bengal. It makes the largest river basin in India. It is known as Padma in Bangladesh.
  50. M. Visveswarayya in his book ‘Planned Economy of India’ advocated the need of economic planning in India. The concept of planning is based on the Russian- model initiated by Joseph Stalin.
  51. India is the largest producer of sugar and tea in the world. The second largest producer of tea is china. In India Utter Pradesh leads in the production of sugar and Assam in tea.
  52. The Aravall is the oldest mountain range in India. The Himalayas are the youngest fold mountains in the world. Vindhya separates southern India from northern India.

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