NAURU a country with just 200 tourists a year.

Nauru tourism

Speaking of tourism, not all the beautiful countries attract most of the tourist. Few of the countries those are rich in nature, fails attracting tourism around the clock. And Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia. So Nauru listing and topping first in the world’s most least visited country in the world with just 200 tourists a year.

Nauru is just a 5X4 kilometer island, so it roughly takes 30 minutes in a car to wander around the complete country, if u wanted to you can have safe walk in the runway of Airport of Nauru.

As of for a wandering tourists, Nauru doesn’t offer much attractions. The whole country consists of a hand full of restaurants, shops and ATM’s, and Super Market. This country has 2 embassies likely Taiwan and Australia with few remains of World War II.

This country has one hospital, and few schools. Bendigo Bank is the only Bank which operated in this island country. And Nauru has its Fire Station, 2 big hotels and Nauru Post office. And that’s it the whole country gets filled. And absolutely no theater in this Island. Because most of the people in the island are addicted in using internet to get connected to the outside world.

DVD and joint family culture is strongly bonded in this country, and this country has their own language called Nauruan. But lack of entertainments and love for food, made this peoples bit lazy. This laziness leads to obesity. In the total population Nauru has 71 percent of peoples with obesity disorder. Speaking of what is happening in Nauru. The Nature here is excellent.

Nauru contains a beautiful and breathes taking Lagoon, with beaches are lot of greenery which treats your eyes, where ever you turn your sight. Being in the Pacific Islands the water here in the beaches are truly blue, and while in Nauru were really near the Equator, so it’s obnoxiously hot and extremely humid. And if you are willing to visit this country please make sure to have a lot of cash. Because the ATM’s in the island won’t work often.

Australian dollar is only used and accepted currency in this island, and things are really costly in this country, because each and every product is mostly imported from Australia. And that’s it for this blog about NAURU the least visited country in the WORLD.

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